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Authorised Woolich Racing & Dynojet dealer. Official Dynojet Tuning Centre.

To book a simple power run to a fully custom mapped system, give us a call now.

0131 440 4046

The power is waiting!

Now offering the full Dynojet range including the popular Power Commander V fuel and ignition units with an in-house Dyno.  Catering for everybody from a simple power run to full custom fuel and ignition map, quick shifters and full race wining tune you can rely on our expert knowledge.

With 20 years’ experience in the tuning and race engine world Stuart Young is probably one of the most experienced engine builders, Dyno operators and accomplished custom mappers in the country.

With a list of championship and international race wins to rival most, we are delighted to have him on board as our Dyno operator. Stuart will continue to concentrate on building his race winning engines running under the Ian Murray Racing banner.

December 2016 saw IMM become an authorised Woolich Racing tuning centre. This really is the business, especially on the Ducati range where we can now get into both Open and Closed loop systems, and unleash the full tuning potential with phenomenal results. Already seeing exceptional results on the Paniagle range, and now getting to grips with the latest Yamaha Kawasaki and Suzuki 2017 bikes too.

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